Collective Impact + Community Nutrition

We help cross-sector coalitions transform cultures of health using an advanced collective impact approach. Our solution helps food policy, food system, chronic disease prevention, maternal health, social justice and many other coalitions better coordinate their efforts by using a common language, methodology and software infrastructure.

When your community launches a free locally branded mobile app your residents nutrition literacy will be transformed immediately. Residents will also use this same app to navigate local services that relate to health and nutrition like WIC, voucher programs, cooking classes, farmers markets, CSAs, eating disorder counseling, and much more.

Local restaurants, food manufacturers, grocers and other foodservice businesses all have access to a free nutrition analysis system that helps them understand how their dishes compare to the special food cares many of your residents are managing like hypertension, diabetes, kidney disease, pregnancy, nursing, osteoporosis and so on. And clinical and private practice Registered Dietitians in your community can use FoodCare Pro to engage and guide clients through using this same community nutrition platform. Also no cost.

The result is a completely new approach to transforming cultures of health in your community that helps coalitions manage measures, policies, best practices, campaigns and events through one collective impact platform.

Please visit our corporate site to learn more about how FoodCare can help you transform cultures of health in your community or region, or contact us today if you're ready to talk to us about how we can help you.